16th October 2019, Prague

Share Your Energy and Steer the Change

What do Google, Facebook, Apple and Tesla have in common? They know that to live on this planet, we need to lower carbon emissions and produce and distribute high voltage green energy as soon as possible. Simultaneously, this allows us to unleash creative potential, build sustainable infrastructure, share energy and enjoy ourselves while doing so.
Come discuss the newest trends in modern energy, peer-to-peer systems, battery-storage ideas, urban planning, impact investment and agriculture that feeds everyone.
Share Your Energy, Ideas and Practices for the Future this October in Prague.


Conference working language is English with simultaneous translation into Czech.


Old water treatment plant, Prague

Built in 1906, this was the place where the first wave of urban revolution happened. In the early 20th century, clean and running water was the hype. In 2019, as our planet and cities become more crowded and temperatures are on the rise, clean water becomes a precious commodity once again.

It is only fitting that you Share Your Energy in this beautiful building and discuss the best business practices for sustainable energy and future.

Discover clean energy, sustainable business practice and underground water canals with us on October 16th!