Pieter Vanbaelen

Product manager, future market development Elia

Pieter Vanbaelen joined Elia in 2015 and started his career as a design architect for the transfer of energy framework in the Belgian market to enable independent third parties easy market access. Since then, he led several projects together with market actors to investigate the potential of demand side response on all voltage levels. He coupled back practical experience towards an upgraded market design. Lately his focus lies on the innovations that are taking place at residential level, such as the Internet of Things and Blockchain, and he investigates via pilot projects how these technologies disrupt our current way of working and create value for end-consumers and the system as a whole.

9:45 - 10:00

Středa 9/6/2021

Přístup Elia k otevírání energetických trhů pro demand response a behind-the-meter flexibility

Best-practice belgického TSO při úpravách trhů s podpůrnými službami s cílem umožnit zapojení flexibility ze spotřeby a agregované flexibility.