Charlie Blair

Managing Director at Gravitricity

Charlie has been an innovator of Energy Systems for 15+ years. He is always working with technologies on their way to significant market growth and disruption in the power and heat sectors. He is currently working as MD of Gravitricity Ltd, a pioneer of underground grid-scale electricity storage.

15:30 - 16:00

Tuesday 13/9/2022

Energy Innovations: Demand response, energy storage, low-voltage flexibility

Experts in European energy innovation will speak about solutions to some of the most pressing issues facing the energy industry and society today.


Gravitricity | How mineshaft gravity energy storage will support the transition from coal to renewables in the Czech Republic and Central Europe?


Cleanwatts | Connect all the things! Grid resilience from managed energy communities. How to reframe our relationship with energy and become active contributor to the energy transition.


Grid level storage | Affordable battery storage is now a reality thanks to alignment of economic factors, we’ll see an overview of those details.


EV | The challenges of incorporating EVs to the grid, how and when we can expect V2G to be a factor and how home energy storage will fill in the gaps.