Cristina Mata Yandiola

Location Head Europe at Powerledger

Cristina leads the European market expansion of Powerledger's blockchain platform for decentralized energy, grid flexibility, and renewable energy certificates. With extensive experience in distributed energy systems, grid integration of renewables, and electricity markets, Cristina drives Powerledger's impact on decentralized, decarbonized, resilient power systems. Over the past decade, Cristina has worked on optimizing and managing renewables and their grid integration at Iberdrola, Fraunhofer Institute, and Selco Foundation. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in energy engineering from Madrid Technical University and a Master's degree in Sustainable Energy Engineering from KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden) and Technical University of Berlin (Germany), specializing in power system transformation and grid flexibility. Cristina has been featured in the Forbes 30 under 30 list as one of the top energy leaders in Europe.

15:30 - 16:00

Tuesday 13/9/2022

Energy Innovations: Demand response, energy storage, low-voltage flexibility

Experts in European energy innovation will speak about solutions to some of the most pressing issues facing the energy industry and society today.


Gravitricity | How mineshaft gravity energy storage will support the transition from coal to renewables in the Czech Republic and Central Europe?


Cleanwatts | Connect all the things! Grid resilience from managed energy communities. How to reframe our relationship with energy and become active contributor to the energy transition.


Grid level storage | Affordable battery storage is now a reality thanks to alignment of economic factors, we’ll see an overview of those details.


EV | The challenges of incorporating EVs to the grid, how and when we can expect V2G to be a factor and how home energy storage will fill in the gaps.