Lurian Klein

Senior Innovation Developer at Cleanwatts

Dr. Lurian Klein combines expertise in Engineering, Social Sciences & Humanities to be at the forefront of socio-technical innovation and promote systemic interventions in the energy field. He is guided by a personal vision of strengthening democratic values, promoting the sharing economy, reducing energy poverty and injustice, protecting the natural environment, and advancing achievements in the renewable energy realm.

His PhD focused on investigating the less tangible social values dimension of peer-to-peer energy sharing interactions within renewable energy communities - developed under the MIT Portugal program at the University of Coimbra.

He is also a Senior Innovation Developer at Cleanwatts - an energy holding company that aims to foster the innovative use of clean energy and improve energy efficiency through a suite of proprietary advanced digital technologies and collaborative platforms that simplify, amplify, and accelerate the energy decarbonization for communities around the world. He is responsible for the conceptualization and deployment of multimillion (H2020 and Horizon Europe) R&D projects on Renewable Energy Communities, Local Energy Markets, User-Centric Energy Services, End-User Engagement, Social Value Creation, Energy Citizenship, etc.

He is also co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer of the EffiSummer startup, which aims to unlock new added value from CO2 emissions reduction measures at the scale of renewable energy communities.

15:30 - 15:45 | Case Study

Tuesday 13/9/2022

Cleanwatts: Empowering local communities for a renewable energy transition // EN


Deep changes affect how energy is generated, consumed, shared, stored, managed, and traded. Mitigating the rising energy cost and supply uncertainty whilst meeting decarbonization targets is proving to be an overwhelming challenge. Fortunately, Cleanwatts' turnkey solutions & technology and overarching REC business model that enable the creation and operation of local energy communities represent an important solution for this issue. It’s time for society to reframe its relationship with energy and Cleanwatts can help pave the way for a cleaner, fairer and more sustainable future.