Manuel Gálvez

European Affairs at Elia Group

Manuel Galvez, European affairs lead for Elia group. Expert on European Policy and legislation.

14:25 - 15:15 | Panel discussion

Tuesday 13/9/2022

Meeting the challenge: Massive variable renewable energy integration in the decade of electrification // EN


The next decade is crucial for the energy sector. There is an immense challenge ahead; dramatically increasing the amount of variable renewable energy sources in an increasingly electrified world. Even sooner is the coming winter. Will resources be sufficient to provide needed generation? What is the future for gas in balancing the grid across Europe? What changes should be expected in the flexibility market, specifically ancillary services, in the coming months?

Joining us will be representatives from Czech Republic (Radek Hartman from ČEPS), Croatia (Antun Andrić from HOPS), Romania (Emanuel Ionita from Transelectrica), and Belgium (Manuel Gálvez from ELIA).