Richárd Balog

Director of System and Market Operations at MAVIR

Richárd Balog is the director of System and Market Operations at MAVIR Ltd. which is the hungarian TSO company. Richárd has been working for MAVIR since 2008 in various positions and thanks to that he has a lot of experience in operational and technical aspects of electricity market. In his present position among others he is responsible for the safe and reliable operation of the hungarian energy system including the balance circle group system and ancillary services.

He graduated from Budapest University of Technology and Economics as electrical engineer specialized for electrical systems in 2008. He started his career at MAVIR in this year where he was responsible for the short term adequacy assessment and other short term planning tasks.

Between 2016-2019 he was member of a TSO-DSO expert group under the umbrella of ENTSO-E Board. This dedicated expert group responsibility was to develope the cooperation with DSO associations in order to facilitate the presence the active consumers and distributed generation in electricity markets and create a level of playing field for them.

He represents the TSO in the hungarian TSO-DSO platform where the main focus is the coordination among TSO and DSOs.