Siobhán McHugh

CEO of the Demand Response Association of Ireland

Siobhán McHugh is Chief Executive Officer of the Demand Response Association of Ireland, representing 700MW of demand and embedded generation response operating in the energy, capacity and DS3 (system services) markets on the island of Ireland. Siobhán has over 15 years’ energy sector experience, having worked for Aryzta, the Commission for Regulation of Utilities, the Single Electricity Market Operator and EirGrid. Most recently, she worked as a management consultant, focused on energy strategy, transformation, and major programme delivery.

Demand Response Association of Ireland (DRAI) members are committed to shaping the future of power system flexibility through advancing demand side flexibility on the island of Ireland. As Ireland strives to achieve up to 80% renewable generation by 2030, our promise as an industry-led organisation is to champion the development of innovative demand side flexibility solutions that are designed to address the system-wide requirement for flexibility.

DRAI represents approximately 700 MW of demand and embedded generation response across hundreds of industrial and commercial customer sites throughout the island of Ireland. These sites are managed by our members each of whom actively participate in the capacity, system services, and energy markets.

The association was formed to give a single voice to companies operating in this space, in order to help facilitate market participation for demand, and provide perspectives on how to design market and system rules can allow greater volumes of active participation by flexible sources of demand.

14:15 - 14:40

Tuesday 13/9/2022

Case Studies

Real world experiences with active participants in the decentralized energy grid of today.

Challenges, lessons learned, and business results:

• Case Study Ancillary Services

• Greenhouse flexibility in Southern Moravia

• Cast Study Demand Side Response