Stanislav Chvála

CEO at Nano Energies

Since 2018 Stanislav has directed Nano Energies in its mission of achieving its long-term vision of shared sustainable energy. After 8 years in the UK, where he gained experience in the energy sector and in banking for companies such as Morgan Stanley, Lloyds Banking Group and Siemens, Stanislav joined CEZ Group where his tenure began at CEZ Trading where he was originating trading business across Europe. Then he set up a commodities business within CEZ ESCO. Stanislav ran one of the first local commercial pilots on flexibility for demand response and is considered as a thought leader on this topic in the Czech Republic. He has a degree from the University of Hull international finance and economics and an MBA from the University of Manchester.

12:30 - 12:45 | Introduction

Tuesday 13/9/2022

Introduction to Share Your Energy 2022 // EN


Changes await the energy sector in the CEE region. What should we prepare for? Stanislav Chvála, CEO of Nano Energies, will guide you through the conference.

16:00 - 16:05 | Summary

Tuesday 13/9/2022

Summary of Share Your Energy 2022 // EN

We will close the English part of the conference and open the Czech-Slovak part. This will be followed by 4 panel discussions in Czech and Slovak.